I love East Auckland and live not far from where I grew up in Howick. I’m still happily married after all these years and we have two amazing daughters who are the complete opposite of each other. Shy and sensitive vs stubborn and strong willed – ahh the parenting fun!  We’re encouraging them to learn from each other as they grow and in the meantime we try hard to teach them our families three “R”’s – Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.    Kids need good manners.

Family Goals

Our biggest family goal this year is a new puppy, we lost our beautiful girl – Pippa the German Shepherd – two years ago, she was 14.  The girls beg us just about daily so we’re surprising them later in the year – don’t tell them, it’s a surprise!  

Control what you can control

It’s one of my favourite sayings – don’t waste time worrying about things you can’t change. Make the most of what you have or work hard to make positive change. I choose optimism.

Favourite things

So many – family, friends, laughing out loud, memes, pink gin, travel, chocolate, boxing training (complete with pink boxing gloves), sleep in’s, painting, being a mum and of course FAB.

I love travelling, I worked in the Industry for over 25 years and we were married in Fiji!  My dream is to take the family on an African Safari.  Hubbies dream is Disneyland, but the list is so big - India to see a tiger in the wild, Croatia to stay with family, a foodie tour of Italy and especially the Amalfi Coast, South America … the list goes on!